New Product Spotlight: uM6 – 44x Silicon Module Dual Axis Tracking System

The team here at Arzon Solar is pleased to announce a new product, the uM6-Silicon dual axis tracking system for high performance, stand alone solar power generation.  Using our expertise in dual axis tracking for CPV, Arzon Solar has developed a robust, low cost and highly flexible silicon module dual axis tracking system with specifications superior to other dual axis trackers on the market.  The uM6-Silicon system holds up to 44x 60 cell, 250 – 350 W silicon modules, is easy-to-install, includes plug & play tracker functionality and quick-mounting module attachment for a host of poly and mono-crystalline modules on the market.

Please see the detailed specifications of this new product on the uM6-Silicon product page, and please connect with our team on the Product Inquiry page for more information on pricing and availability for your application.


Rendering of the uM6-Silicon dual axis tracking solar generator in a normal tracking mode.


Rendering of the uM6-Silicon dual axis tracking solar generator looking at the back of the system.

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